"The We Me He Tree" published an digital book

Jun. 16, 2020

The We Me He Tree

This is "The We Me He Tree," the book I worked on Alejandro Lopez about 18 years ago. It's a story about a marvelous apple tree getting mad at its various parts and gradually falling apart, a metaphor for racial rights issues.
I can't believe this story, which was supposed to have been shelved, is actually going to see the light of day. glad, but sad...

約18年前にAlejandro Lopez と作りかけていた絵本、The We Me He Tree.一本の雄大なリンゴの木が、それぞれの部位に腹を立て崩壊してゆく話。

今のところ、英語・電子版のみになりますが以下から少しだけ読めたり、ご購入いただけます。収益の半分はBlack Lives Matter organizationへ寄付されることになっています。