Blog by Kumiko Iijima / stylist
Feb. 10, 2021

VOGUE Blog by Kumiko Iijima / stylist

I've been working on the design for skiwear collaborations for 3 years.
Most of my work is for the European market, so I focus on Japanese themes. This year's theme is "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter". I composed a bright and vivid scene of Princess Kaguya meeting her elderly, adoptive parents, and a near monotone scene of her leaving them to return to the moon.

In both the scene of her descent to earth and of her return to the moon, the princess bears a pillar of light in the center of the bamboo grove. It makes us imagine ourselves in it, dancing and shouting that despite the difficulties we face now, there are still doors left unopened! It's like a guide to the most delicious place in a world of infinite beauty.

We feel that because we are in this situation, our creations are closing in on, and beginning to overlap with, what we call reality.
One of our experiments this year was clinging to consciousness in our dreams, but letting it give way to daydreaming in reality.

Stylist Kumiko Iijima has written about this shoot in Vogue magazine, so please check it out.


そのスキーウエアを元に、スタイリストのポロンちゃん、写真家の宮原夢画さん、ダンサーでありモデルのChikako Takemotoさん、メークの栢木進さん、ヘアの滝田淳詩さんの私にとってドリームチームにより、新たな世界へワープ、グラフィカルな仮想現実が生まれました。

皆で作り上げた作品の中の姫は、地に舞い降りた時も、月に還ってゆく時も 竹林の中の一点が光り輝くような軸を自らに持ち、生きています。