Gelato & Cafe "minna no terrace Mio" Grand opening !

2023 Feb
Feb. 18, 2023

Gelato & Cafe "minna no terrace Mio"
Grand opening !

Gelato & Cafe Minna no terrace Mio Grand Opening! Last November, a cafe & gelato store, Minna no terrace Mio, opened in Kitajima-cho, Tokushima Prefecture. Together with Shiho Minami, we created the logo and concept, decorating and signage in the store, store cards and business cards, and much more.

mio / mio means a mode mio in Italian, to be yourself.
The terrace was a beautiful place, so we decided to call it Minna no terrace Mio, hoping that it would be a Mio that lights up( terrace in Japanese) everyone.

The gelato shaped logo is a combination of wings to flap your wings in your own way and a heart to remember your dreams. The building was originally known as Tulip House to the locals, so we kept the image of tulip red and used red fluorescent color as our corporate color.

It will soon be the first day of spring, and I hope that many people will be able to make connections at this location, and that the gelato shop will become a bright place where everyone can shine a light on each other.

ジェラート&カフェ ミンナノテラス ミオ

mio /ミオはイタリア語でa mode mio 自分らしく、という意味。
テラスがとても美しい場所だったので、ミンナノテラスミオとし、みんなを照らすミオ になることを願ってスタートしました。



ミンナノテラス MIO


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