March issue of Shoten Kenchiku

2023 Mar
Mar. 10, 2023

Special Feature / Art Transforms Space
The March issue of Shoten Kenchiku.

Quick's entrance art is featured in an interview with creative director and space producer Hiroshi Sugihara (Azone and Associates, void+).
Maki Kahori's production intentions for corporate and office entrance art were also featured.

The artwork "The ship" created for the entrance of QUICK is the third episode of the series "SEEDS" started in 2018.
The company QUICK, a place where a lot of information comes and goes, is compared to a ship,
and the seeds were drawn as a vision of QUICK on board the ship.
In this scene, the ship arrives at the sea at sunrise, and the seeds all take off at once toward the place where they are needed.
The single seed that took off also exists as an object that touches the VIP room on the upper floor.

Since the artwork is installed in an important scene of the company, it also plays the role of a vision board.
The artwork was created with the image of enabling employees and visitors to enjoy communicating with each other through the artwork.

特集 / アートが空間を変える

クリエイティブディレクターで、空間プロデューサーでもある杉原寛さん(Azone and Associates, void+)

QUICK社のエントランスに制作したアート "The ship" は、2018年にスタートしたシリーズ、"SEEDS"の第3話となります。