What silhouettes talk about : a poetry exhibition Space

詩展 ~シルエットの語りごと~

What silhouettes talk about :

a poetry exhibition

詩展 ~シルエットの語りごと~ Solo Exhibition Apr, 2015 at Harajuku Tokyo




Once something becomes silhouetted - a scene, an object or even a living being - it tells different story.
Suddenly we feel more perhaps because we see lee. There is more mystery, more intrigue, a secret hidden in the flat black colour.

I wonder if the whole world was in silhouette would it be different to the world we live in?
What secrets would it tell?

Let’s sit in silence, in a quiet place and frame everything we see.
Silhouettes will tell you some new stories that has never been heard.

Space Design & Decoration : Shiho Minami / GullineL
English Tittle : Azby Brown Concept
Translation: Yuko Ujiie
Music: Leo Sato

at L'illustrate Galerie Mondo, Tokyo