Landscape ~芯花~


20-29 Sep. 2012 Solo Exhibition at Roppongi Tokyo

The upper gallery showcases my black and white digital works, while the lower studio put the motion pictures, composed of colorful vivid images, on the screen.
The subject of my work is the bouquet/flower that is depicted as a landscape. For the past year, I have drawn flowers and started to capture the wide open scenery unfolding before my eyes. The proportion of my works is influenced by the 1:2 ratio used in traditional Japanese paintings, seen on sliding screens and paper doors.

In my works, the flower in pencils and the layers of ink dispersed on petals that are heavily kneaded in light continue to create a new life of emotions.

What seems to remain unchanged in the undulation of the flowers, in fact, is the energy trying to change. This energy is the beauty I aims to explore.

どちらもモチーフは昨年より描き続けている bouquet / 花シリーズですが、今年に入ってから花が景色のように見えてきて、すべてが風景画のように描かれています。また、兼ねてからふすま絵や障子などにある和のプロポーションに描いてみたかったこともあり、1:2の矩形に挑戦しました。