Landscape 〜芯花〜


20-29 Sep. 2012 Solo Exhibition at Roppongi Tokyo

A series of monotone digital works by Maki Kahori, who has been drawing flowers and plants as motifs.The works on view started as detailed pencil drawings, which were then manipulated with a computer to achieve a digital finish.

As one gazes at the core of a flower, a certain scene begins to overflow, undulate, and move like a scene from a movie. In an ever-changing society, the microscopic world is also changing at an increasing speed. What does not change is the power to change, and it is that power you will find depicted in this work.


花の芯を見つめているとそこからある情景があふれれ出し、うねり、映画のワンシーンのように動き出します。 変化し続ける社会の中で、ミクロの世界もまた速度を上げながら変化している。変わらないのは変わろうとする力、その力を描きたいと取り組んだ。