Urban Forest ~ Beyond~

March, 2022

Urban Forest

~ Beyond ~

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of European cuisine restaurant, VIVI,
a three artist exhibition "Urban Forest (Tokai no Mori) - Beyond -" opened on March 2nd.

VIVI has exhibited the works of many artists in the past year.
To make its 1st anniversary celebration more special, the restaurant invited the three artists
who were the first to transform its space with art - Shiho Minami, Wok22, and Kahori Maki - to work on an exhibition again.
Maki Kahori's black-and-white drawings depict monsters that inhabit the urban forest.
Wok22 created a painter's studio with luminous colours in the forest.
Shiho Minami then sculpted the two artists' works as if dappled sunlight woven through the trees.

The three collaborators' works are also on display and for sale in the restaurant space.
We hope that you step away from reality for just a little while to enjoy
the aesthetically pleasing food and beautiful space designed to evoke the feeling of spring.


都会の森 ~ その先へ ~

都会の森 ~その先へ~ 3人展が3月2日よりスタートしました。
最初にこの空間を作った南志保 Wok22 牧かほりによる1周年企画です。

レストランスペースでも3人のコラボレーション作品を展示/ 販売しております。