Japan Mastery Collection

December, 2023

Japan Mastery Collection
Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Kahori Maki created four masks for the "Japan Mastery Collection" that opened at Haneda Airport Terminal 3. The masks are: "Sarutahiko," the god of road opening, "Amenouzume," the goddess of the arts and wife of "Sarutahiko," "Kitsune," a mask for prosperous business and a good harvest, and "Hannya," a mask to ward off evil and bring good fortune, which are appropriate for the airport.
and "Hannya masks" to ward off evil and bring good fortune. All are collaborations with "Kagura mask artist" Taizo Kobayashi.

The "Japan Mastery Collection" is developed based on the concept of transmitting a luxury brand that creates a local community from Haneda Airport to the world, and the collection is crammed with artisans' techniques.
Please take a look at the store after you pass through customs when you travel to Japan.

羽田空港第三ターミナルにオープンした「ジャパン マスタリー コレクション」のために4つのお面を制作しました。空港にふさわしい、道開きの神”猿田彦”、その妻で芸能の女神”天宇受売命(アメノウズメ)、商売繁盛、五穀豊穣の”狐面、魔除と福寄せの”般若面”です。全て”神楽面作家”小林泰三氏とのコラボレーションになります。

「ジャパン マスタリー コレクション」は、羽田空港から世界へ地方創生型ラグジュアリーブランドを発信、というコンセプトで展開しており、匠の技が所狭しと並んでおります。

Hannya Mask 般若面

The Hannya masks, with the upper half of the face expressing sorrow and the lower half anger, are said to ward off evil spirits because of their terrifying appearance, and are usually displayed on doorways as a charm against evil spirits.
The word "Hannya" means "wisdom of Buddha" in Sanskrit. The masks are made of bright colors that express joy, pleasure, and pleasure on the other side of the terrifying aspect of the masks, and they encompass all the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure.
It is the only Hannya mask in the world that not only wards off evil spirits, but also brings "good fortune". Please use it as a guardian deity of the place.


Amenouzume 天宇受売命(アメノウズメ)

God of entertainment. She is said to be the first dancer in Japan who made the eight million gods laugh out loud by dancing with his upper body naked when she saved Amaterasu from hiding in Iwato.
The dance performed at this time is said to be the prototype of Kagura, the oldest performing art in Japan. On the other hand, Amenouzume, who met Sarutahiko and became his wife during the "descent of the grandchild of Amateru," is also worshipped as the god of marriage.
The beautiful voice flowing from the mouth of this mask echoes to the world, and the eyelashes shaped like a fan are meant to bring improvement, development, and success in one's artistic skills. The tear around the left eye symbolizes the power to transform sorrow and suffering into golden radiance. This aspect of the deity's face is a combination of art, entertainment, matchmaking, and glamorous blessings.


Sarutahiko 猿田彦

The god of path opening. He is said to have led Ninigi no Mikoto , who was commanded by Amaterasu, to Takachiho during the "God descends to earth" in Japanese mythology.
He is over 2 meters tall with a very distinctive appearance, with a large nose and red burning eyes. He is also famous as a god of marriage because he later married Amenouzume, whom he met during the "God descends to earth". He is a very popular deity enshrined in about 2,000 shrines throughout Japan. The clouds around the face of Sarutahiko are the quintessential curves and undulations of Kagura mask artist Kobayashi, and are reminiscent of the world to which he will lead us.
The clouds are painted in rainbow colors and the red face is illuminated with golden light, foreshadowing a strong and glorious world. This aspect brings strong power to open the door to what is to come.


Fox Mask 狐面

Foxes have long been regarded as messengers of the god Inari, and fox masks have been used in kagura, or Shinto music and dance, to bring about a bountiful harvest.
These masks, which are associated with a bountiful harvest, prosperous business, and family safety, depict strength and brilliance in rich colors and black lines that are not easily swept away by turbulent times.
The patterns on the mask symbolize the joy, anger, sadness, and all things in the universe, and are a symbol of the power to survive in a turbulent world with one's own thoughts and ideas.






神楽面作家 小林泰三

1980年島根県生まれ。 11歳より島根県伝統工芸品「石見神楽面」の技法を学び、28歳で(株)小林工房を設立。石見神楽面の制作、修理、復元を中心にしながら、近年では石見神楽面特有の技法である「脱活法(だっかつほう)」を活かした「和紙レリーフ作品」を製作し、旅館やホテルの装飾も手がけている。

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Japan Mastery Collection

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