Mitsukoshi Isetan JAPAN SENSES

三越伊勢丹 JAPAN SENSES 新宿本店 3/29~4/11  2017

  Photograph by Daisuke Ohki


三越伊勢丹JAPAN SENSES~4/11 新宿本店

佐藤寧子ディレクター 筆




Mitsukoshi Isetan JAPAN SENSES

By Director: Yasuko SATO

The father and son duo of Kan'ami and Zeami were famous paragons of Noh theater. By means of integration and reorganization, the two are reputed to have pioneered innovations in a variety of contemporary genres of artistic performance during their lifetimes, thereby establishing a new world of Noh that attracted popular acclaim. Almost six centuries ago, Zeami composed his own theoretical treatise on Noh, entitled F?shikaden (The Flowering Spirit). In this pathbreaking work, Zeami discussed the mystery of his art by using the term "flower" to express Noh's powerful allure over people, a narrative that has been passed down to the present day.

One senses a commonality between Zeami and the attitude of Ryoko AOKI, who is also bringing contemporary innovation to a traditional art. In addition, graphic artist Kaori MAKI and set designer Shiho MINAMI have collaborated to create a space of imagination inspired by both Aoki and Zeami's words.

From Maki's depictions of red cherry blossoms, we can feel the pathos of the true flower hidden within; from Minami's spatial expression, we catch a fleeting glimpse of the flower, sensing the true flower's eternal nature.