What silhouettes talk about 2


What silhouettes talk about 2

The potential that lies within our bodies

Exhibition at Above Second.
Hong Kong, 2017, March









写真は、Above Second gallery (香港)にて、Chopsticksのプロデュースにより、

What silhouettes talk about 2
The potential that lies within our bodies

What silhouettes talk about 2 is actually still incomplete.

For example, I have continued to think about playing the game of "stone. paper and scissors", using these forms which are undefinable... to wonder whether I can conceive some new magic, using these forms or to want to depict the forms that will constitute the source of ciphers or that of such games as "Monopoly", "Sugoroku, (a Japanese variety of pachisi)" or card games, etc. I also have such an aspiration as to come up with a form of communication to replace verbal communication by using these abstract forms.

Human beings have five commonly shared senses. With onomatapae and mimetic words, human beings perceive the signs and the air around them with great sensitivity. They have that simple sense of "reverberations/overtones" when communicating with the pictographs and the "stamps" that have appeared as modern communication tools.
I wondered whether such senses that existed before the appearance of languages could be reproduced. Such a curiosity of mine also triggered the creation of this series.

When we experience the forms which cannot be easily defined, the expressions which appear to be different, depending on the time when we see them, the place where we see them or the mood with which we see them, we also experience the "word which defies definition". Knowing that, I wonder if we can be a little more tolerant of the "world". I have such a concealed aspiration as well -- to avail myself of the opportunity to contemplate such matters....

The fact is that this "aspiration" of mine is huge within me, so much so that it can be considered the motivation for all my productions. It is so strong that when I get all worked up about it, I almost get blown away, so I had better distance myself from it....
Next time, I would like to create the mechanism to enable these forms to treat us to something like story-telling.
The stories of silhouettes will continue on, I'm sure.

Art Exhibition in Hong Kong
2/16-18 2017 Kahori Maki x Gabriyolly Venue Above Second